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Description: 190 p. Subject: Wines, Spirits, Liqueurs - Dictionary.

A dictionary of wines, spirits, and liqueurs

The product of 2000 separate tastings, this book presents details of Halley's top 500 supermarket wines, all of which have been chosen for their character and style.

Best Wines of the Supermarkets

What's the secret relationship between the strawberry and the pineapple? Between mint and Sauvignon Blanc? Thyme and lamb? Rosemary and Riesling? In Taste Buds and Molecules, sommelier François Chartier, who has dedicated over twenty years of pas...

Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food and Wine

Compiled by wine experts, this guide reveals how to produce consistently outstanding table wines, champagne, sparkling wines, and wines from a variety of fruits.

The American Wine Society Presents: The Complete Handbook of Winemaking

Wine critic and writer Steve Heimoff, inspired by Robert Benson's Great Winemakers of California (1977), traversed the state of California to record lively and informative conversations with more than two dozen winemakers and grape growers who rep...

New Classic Winemakers of California: Conversations with Steve Heimoff

Do you dream about enjoying the special Mediterranean atmosphere with tasty, simple and inspiring dishes that make your mouth water? Do you want to find out how to create these dishes in your own home and your own kitchen? Do you want to make your...

Pia's Mediterranean Inspirations: Gourmet Cooking With Olive Oil & Wine

In this completely updated and revised edition, Anthony Dias Blue, the renowned wine expert and author of the definitive wine reference American Wine: A Comprehensive Guide, offers consumers his authoritative ratings of more than 5,000 domestic vi...

Buyer's Guide to American Wines: The Right Wine for the Right Price

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